Sunday, April 6, 2014

Awakening Heart
By Deardra Shuler

Do not let your hearts grow cold
nor for money your virtues sold
Heed you not with all discerning
the great earth warning, the seas are churning
Earthquakes, tornadoes, and fires burning?

Do not be blinded by uncompromising greed
Let your vision and common sense intercede
Cannot you see for all its stalling
Bound by corruption, our nation's falling?

When comes the panic, when you can't trace
monies in banks, shutting doors in your face
When rich sit on cans in the middle of a street
now forced with the poor for food to compete.

Yet they keep making merry while times are so hairy
Saying that's them, not me, so no need to worry
While ignoring the signs of the great social destruction
Living lives of unpreparedness without interruption.

What will you do as it all unfurls and the day finally struck?
Unwilling to rise up, you are now mired and in the muck
Time for real self determination and inner examination
Oh Divine, "Don't Save the King!" Save the people of this nation.

Open your hearts embrace brother to brother
Love your families, your sisters and your mother
Cooperate and no longer compete
Rebuild this world. Change the mold. Be bold
until your honorable mission is accomplished without defeat
Rebuild now! Before the price is too steep
Hone in your consciousness a new world, whole and complete.

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