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As a journalist, Deardra Shuler has written hundreds of articles, as well as edited newspapers and books. She is well versed in the English language having an excellent command of the language. She has tutored through the Literacy Volunteers and even worked with people from other countries to help them acclimate themselves to the American society and grasp and comprehend the English language, as well as learn to read and write it via use of phonics.

If you are looking for an editor for a particular project, such as Book & Article Editing, be clear on what you expect the book editor to do. Editors can make your book clear, logical and well organized. They help structure your information, check facts and references, correct spelling, punctuation and grammar in order to process a well honed book appropriate for your readership. Editors proof read and can critique your work to let you know what improvements are needed. Make sure you advise the book editor whether they will be working with you on the structure and ideas of your book or article or whether they will just do copy editing? The clearer you are with your expectations the more functional the editor will be in terms of giving you what you want.

Deardra Shuler is also available to teach English, writing and vocabulary to those having difficulty in those areas. She knows how to use the mechanics of the media to your advantage She draws on many networks to get you the attention, recognition and awareness you deserve and to influence prospects, customers, opinion leaders, donors, and the general public.

Ms. Shuler has a worldwide listenership on the BlakeRadio Network, Rainbow Soul, via her show Topically Yours. Guests have the opportunity to be heard nationwide and in 140 countries which includes continents such as: North America, South America, Central America, Asia, Africa, the South Pacific, Australia, Europe, The Eastern European Block, China, The Arab Republic, etc. Individuals who are seeking to promote themselves or market their companies and products have access to this venue and an Internet audience that pulls in about 50,000 listeners a day.

Having written over 1000 celebrity profiles, Deardra Shuler can be relied on to give sound judgment and expertise concerning the media as well as use her network of radio, political, business, social, media and philanthropic contacts.

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